Piazza is one of the top shopping streets in Kobe city with unique latest fashion for men, women and children.


Kokoen Garden is a typical Edo styled garden in Japan that you have to take time to visit once in a lifetime


Located deep in the Rokko Mount with steep ranges of about 500 meters height, Arima is considered as the oldest onsen town in Japan with the age of over 1300 years


Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Museum was reproduced from the old sake brewhouse to publicthe molopolis process of making sake


Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum was born to commemorate more than 6000 souls lost in the worst earthquake in Japan disaster fighting history


Himeji castle is an immaculate white heron spreading wings while perching in the piece of land Himeji city


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is absolutely the hidden paradise ensconced in the mountain top of Rokko approached by the cable car through ropeway


Akashi Kaikyo is the pride of Japan as the longest suspension bridge in all over the world as well as the greatest engineering construction of the whole country


Engyoji is a significant construction of Tandai Zen school as one of the three largest halls, along with Hieizan and Daisen


Kobe Maritime Museum was built in 1987 as a commemoration construction for the 120th anniversary of the opening of Kobe Port in 1868.


Incoming Kansai Event

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka 2016 - 2017 Countdown Party. It is a party that is held annually for New Year's Eve. Ticket over-the-counter sales 5,000 yen (tax included) with American premium buffet and one drink, lock cover Live of the 70's and 80's by the Badasses and Hard Rock Cafe goods, meal tickets and other luxury prizes won the game competition.

¥5 000
Dec 31 to Jan 01

Arashiyama Momiji Matsuri 嵐山もみじ祭. This is a Maple Festival. People in the 10th-century court costumes perform traditional dance, music and plays on the boats, which sail on Oi River around Togetsukyo Bridge. Many other events are also scheduled on the riverbank.

Nov 13

Dainenbutsu Kyogen 大念仏狂言. Kyogen performance on the Kyogen-do stage at Shinsen-en, located to the south of Nijo Castle.

Nov 04 to Nov 06

Bunka-no-Hi Manyo Gagaku-kai 文化の日萬葉雅楽会. Ancient court music and dance are performed on a floating stage built on the water's edge at Shin-en Manyo-Shokubutsu-en in the precincts of the shrine.

Nov 03

Kemari Matsuri けまり祭. This is a festival of ancient ball-kicking. Priests in traditional attire of aristocracies in the 7th century demonstrate Kemari (ball-kicking), following the ritual.

Nov 03

Kumano-Kodo Emaki Gyoretsu 熊野古道絵巻行列. Elegant procession on Kumano-Kodo pilgrimage-way, featuring a procession of people wearing traditional costumes of the Heian period.

Nov 03

Gion Odori 祇園をどり. Traditional Japanese Dance. Admission is 4,000JPY. Please call Gion Kaikan for reservation.

Nov 01 to Nov 10

Aki-no Ningyo-ten 秋の人形展. Aki-no Ningyo-ten is a Dolls Exhibition. Old Japanese dolls are exhibited at the temple noted for its collection of dolls.

Nov 01 to Nov 30

Kyoto Bread Festival 2016. Each year with more than 50,000 people participating in this Bread event. Kyoto is a prefecture where has the most amount of bread consumption in Japan.

Oct 29 to Oct 30

Kyoto-dai Antique Fair 京都大アンティークフェア - This is one of the biggest Antique market held in Kyoto. There will be lots of house holds and old kimono are exposed.

Oct 28 to Oct 30


Top Voted Kansai Location

Jean Jean Alley
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Koryu-ji Temple
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Museum of Oriental Ceramics
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Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum
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Kodaiji Temple
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Sakuya konohana kan
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Daitokuji Temple
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