Universal Studio Japan becomes the best amusement park in Japan in 2015

Osaka City Amusement Park – Universal Studio Japan overtook Tokyo DisneySea to become the amusement park has the largest visitors in Japan and the 4th in Global.

The number of visitor came to USJ is thirteen millions, raised by 8% compared with last year and Tokyo DisneySea had decreased around 3% - 5%. As a result, USJ comes up to 4th position and TDS (Tokyo DisneySea) lost their 4th position and comes to 5th in the Global Ranking.

Tokyo Disneyland also fell by 4% to 16,6 million visitors last year. It means it lost the 2nd and becomes the 3rd

At USJ, beside the well-known area, there are also new activities attracted many visitors like “Harry Potter” or “Attack on Titan”, “Evangelion” – the hot anime and game topic during this period in Japan. More and more Chinese people also are coming there. 

One of great idea that bring more visitors to USJ is a atmosphere of magical. Let's join and show your power like Harry Potter.

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