Tourist Information Electric Guide Board inside Kyoto Station

At the front main entrance door of Kyoto – Kyoto Station, for visitors coming to Kyoto, electric information board is installed experimentally to supports visitors with tourist information.

Those information board in Kyoto has 50 centimeters width and 90 centimeters height.

By operating on touch panel, you can find useful information based on your area or sightseeing locations you want to visit with 3 main version (English, Japanese and Chinese)

One woman visitor from Ibaraki Prefecture said that: “The first time coming to Kyoto but I seem so similar with this place, thank you so much”.

Near information board, one equipment is install to help visitors asking questions about traveling in three languages English, Japanese and Chinese through a screen.

Supporting via screen has already installed until June 21st and touch panel until July 13th at Kyoto Station.

Reported from NHK News



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