Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016

Today, the most popular Weather forecast website services has announced the very first Sakura blossom forecast for this year 2016. Sakura blossom totally depends on the temperature, the higher temperature is, the sooner cherry blossoms bloom. In this year, according to the services, the blossom moment will be relatively same with the average time in recent years and maybe later in some places. The earliest area is Fukuoka on March 23th. On the March 25th, most of areas in Japan are expected to begin to blossom. The best time for “Hanami” – Sakura viewing is the beginning of April.

Here is the table demonstrating the Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016 of

Please note that: The best viewing duration is usually about one week after the date it fully blossom.

location opening fully blossom
Tokyo March 23 March 31
Kyoto March 25 April 3
Kagoshima March 30 April 7
Kumamoto March 25 April 4
Fukuoka March 23 April 2
Hiroshima March 27 April 4
Matsuyama March 25 April 4
Takamatsu March 28 April 4
Osaka March 26 April 4
Nara March 25 April 2
Nagoya March 26 April 5
Yokohama March 27 April 3
Kanazawa April 4 April 9
Wakayama March 26 April 4
Kobe March 27 April 6

Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016

Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016Sakura Blossom Forecast 2016

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