Model of Rajoumon Gate just in front of Kyoto Station

rajoumon_gate_-_kyoto_station_modelAt the North Gate Square of Kyoto Station, there is a model of Kyoto symbol from Heian Period - the Rajoumon Gate.

This scaled model was relocated from multipurpose facility. During the memorial ceremony on Nov 21st, there was around 100 guests. The model of Rajoumon Gate has 2.4-meter length, 8-meter wide, 2.1-meter depth. It was used to celebrate 1200 years anniversary in 1994, and then it was installed at underground of Kyoto for many services.

Besides that, Kyoto Temples and University are also holding a meeting called "Kyoto Tomorrow - The Culture Heritage Platform". One digital display board is also set up with 5 language that helps for visitors to study and learn more about history during Heian Period.

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