The Japanese hopemaster

At the time I found the video from Erez Sitzer, I saw no attractive headline, nothing more than a name that I supposed to be a girl, some girl, Miyako. While I had mass of tasks to do, I was afraid of wasting my time on the video even with the duration of only 3:35. After watching, I surely lost 3:35 of my life but got the beauty of a woman, of an average job and of a nation.


The train appears in the beautiful background which I just think to be a picture because of no wind, no sunshine, no movement. There is only a narrow railway running through green fields to the fade horizon. The train slowly stops in front of the station, the door opens and she also steps into the picture, putting on a pair of white gloves and greeting each passenger with a nod. Just a little woman and in the slightly light of sunset, I hardly see her face. Is her skin white or tan? Does she have dimpled cheeks? How is her look? What is deep in her eyeground? My mind can’t stop wandering while contemplating her, standing near the window of the cab to talk with the driver. “How is it today?-Oh the plant you gave me has grown to this height and it gonna flower! How is your son?-Ah he keeps telling me he misses you so much! About the pack of tea you gave me last time, how much should I drink per day? Let me see, maybe 3 or 4 cups per day, my mother said it is very good for decreasing blood pressure...”


I think I can sit all day like that to listen to their silent conversation. But the train has to leave, she puts her right hand to her forehead in salute then raises it to the sky and waves off the train. No, not the hand but the arm, her lithe arm slowly waves, up and down, up, then, down, till the train disappears behind green hills and villages. Except her right arm, her body is immovable, straight and motionless like a tree standing by the rail. Her little shadow print in the slightly pink firmament with the indistinct grey smoke the train leaves behind. At that moment, I catch a little bird flying very light cross the sky. Everything is at a standstill and she keeps looking at the horizon where the train has just carried her love, her faith and hope to the next stop, to another region...


Her name drifts out to the sky with the light pink color like in sky, Miyako. Finally, I don’t know her face, can’t hear her voice but she touches my heart. In a second, I believed that the video may blur the view but of course, the camera can’t cry. However I am sure that behind his camera, Erez Sitzer’s eyes are growing dim with tears...

He found her- a stationmaster, while searching for a train station in a countryside area in Japan and be the only one to witness her waving that renew his love and wonder of life. “when i spoke to her later, she said at first she felt so shy. and hardly waved at all. slowly, over time, she began doing something she neither needed to do, nor imagined she ever would”

Do I have to say something more about Miyako? Is there something special about this woman? Is she well-known? Can we find her in some magazine?

No, simply, she is a Japanese.

Here is a video


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