Feeling relax in the Green Momiji Leaf Tunnel with Eizan Electric Railway in Kyoto

Eizan Railway connect Kyoto Demachiyanagi Station with Hiei Mountain, Kibune and Kurama-dera Temple. When go around and enjoy Kyoto, you cannot miss Eizan Railway. New green grass bud are in the way from Ichihara Station to Ninose Station in this season has a nickname as Mimoji Leaf Tunnel. Eizan Railway has adjust the car to help guests enjoy the beauty in Mimoji Tunnel easily.


During autumn, this Momiji Tunnel with the red beauty has already became must-see Momiji viewing spots in Kyoto but this time, it has another beauty, the beauty of the new green Momiji.

Enjoy the new leaf of Momiji through the windows of train car with the leaf receives the light from Sun light it up with Spring Green color. The green momiji will be shaked by the Spring winds fill it with full of fresh life. In this period, when the train go through on Momiji Tunnel, it will be slower than normal speed that helps visitors enjoy more fresh green leaf. The seat will be adjusted opposite with windows you can fully enjoy all 250m of new green fresh theatre.


With Kurama Temple, Kifune Temple or Entsuji Temple, Momiji Tunnel in this season is highly recommended with Eizan Railway. 


Data for Green Momiji Tunnel 

Eizen Electric Railway (Slowly Driving on Green Momiji Tunnel)

Each Saturday and Sunday until June 26th

Opening time: from Demachiyanagi Station (9:00 to 15:30) and from Kurama Station (9:34 - 16:04)

Note that: the 250 meters tunnel is between Kurama Line Ichihara Station and Ninose Station


Information and images from Kansai Walkerplus

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