The best time Autumns leaves at Choanji Temple - Kyoto


Choanji Temple is really well-known for the Momiji Temple in Tamba Area. When momiji leaves are fresh red, that is the  best time to get out and enjoy Autumn. At Choanji Temple, the way approach to Main Shrine or any small roads discover  around you   can enjoy and have fun with a unique Japanese momiji.

From the end of  October, leaves have been gradually changed color. For visitors coming here, they prefer to walk slowly on small roads and take pictures. That is the best way for them to enjoy Autumn. 

One elder people who have worked  as photographer 70 years said that "There are a lot of nice spots to take good pictures, photographing is really cool interests." 

The chief priest of Choanji Temple said, "This year is the best time for viewing than any previous years. It is definitely happy and relax to walk around on small roads to enjoy Autumn leaves at Choanji Temple." 

Autumn Momiji at Choanji Temple in this month the best time period will last until 25th. Let's enjoy it. 

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