4km illumination Midosuji street started in Osaka Illumination Events 2016 - 2017

From November 20th, on Midosuji Street in the North of Osaka Prefecture, each year there will be an illumination event. With 4 km lighted up street that must be really fun and nice experiences for visitors. More than that, it is not the only one illumination in Osaka, the same host also hold the similar illumination events through 8 areas. The light bulbs with a variety of colours are equipped continuously on ichou trees from Kita, Semba to Minami. The sidewalk beside ichou trees also decorated by stardust

The illumination festival will last until next year January 9th, the light up time from 17h30 to 23:00. Learn more detail about this event in English version


Illumination Events in Kansai Area 2016 - 2017

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