Universal Studios Japan 15th Anniversary

Best news ever for all the faithful of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, the Studios is going to celebrate its 15th Anniversary on this March 31st, 2016. Under the theme of Re-born, a massive attack of attractions and events will immerse the visitors in excitement and utmost happiness. More than any other, Universal Studios Japan leaders believe that Japanese now need the energy to reborn more than aver. Therefore, taking advantage of the 15th Anniversary, Universal Studios Japan desires to establish a power which can warm up any calm hearts and waking the deep sense of excitement sleeping in your heart up. Everyone can live the most wonderful moment in their life with refreshed and rejuvenated emotions like once again in life, they are reborn to be children.


You have already tried almost all attractions of the Universal Studios Japan? Let’s break your limit with the world’s longest track and highest elevation- The Flying Dinosaur. It is the latest flying roller coaster version brought to Japan as USJ promised wo bring the best of the world to Japan. You will be hang in front of a giant dinosaur clutches then turning 360 degrees in the midair at a extremely great speed. It will be an amazing combination of sudden drops and climbs along with overwhelming force, the roller coaster can satisfy any adventurous hearts. The Flying Dinosaur is also proud to be the very first product triggering the long chain of events and attractions to celebrate the great anniversary of USJ history.

In this March, all crooks and crannies inside Universal Studios Japan will be flooded with light and confetti with bustling stage performance and parades. This celebration will witness the appearance of the amazingly lovely Minion battalion as they will rouse every light and music events as well as the space of Jurassic Park. From 16th to 26th of March, USJ will give the most lucky visitors about 5 sets for group of 10 people of freely taking The Flying Dinosaur and 3 sets for group of 6 people with the 15th Anniversary Special Gift. And you should not miss any night of March here as fireworks will flourish colourful and dazzling over the sky of Universal Studios Japan.



Open time:

From March 1st to 4th: from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

From March 7th to 10th: from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Remaining day: from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm


Ticket for 7 popular attractions:

-Adult:  13200 yen

-Children: 6900 yen

Google map: Universal Studios Japan


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