Fully enjoy the best of Uji Area in Kyoto from making your own matcha to visiting Byodoin Temple

The Uji tea noble family with Ito Kyuemon Honten main store as an example, good quality tea village are some of main well-known characteristics of Uji Area in Kyoto. The rich flavor Match sweets and Matcha Soba can make this place unforgettable. Furthermore, after try yourself making matcha by the 500- year old method, you can also buy some beautiful green-brown Dango (a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from rice flour) as souvenirs. After experiences with some tea related activities, it is time for Byodoin Temple – The World Heritage. By Keihan Railway from Uji to Chushojima, you will then ride on a Jyukkokubune boat along the river side of Sake brewery. And with other great places, we would suggest the best course here for your own experiences in Uji – Kyoto.


<10:30> Start from Uji Station


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The final destination of Uji Keihan Railway Line is Uji Station, let’s start from here. A circle is easily noticed as the unique of this Station Building architecture and this station was awarded by its own good design. Right at the entrance gate of Station, you can see a huge picture on partitions.


<10:40> The Uji tea specialty shop with the finest sweets


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From Uji Station, walk around 5 minutes, you can see Ito Kyuemon Honten Main Store – Tea Room「伊藤久右衛門本店・茶房」. This is a Uji tea specialty shop producing top high-quality deep flavor matcha sweets. From matcha to green tea, you can enjoy the best flavor there. The standard and popular sweets here is Matcha Parfait (680 yen), it is an excellent combination between from homemade Tamba Dainagon Red Beans (it is the famous and most delicious red bean cultivated around Kyoto and Hyogo) with some Matcha Ice and Matcha jelly.


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About meal, with no food coloring, maximize the Matcha flavor, Uji Matcha Soba (623 yen) is highly recommended.


<12:20> Challenge making Matcha from high-quality green tea leaf


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Kyuemon Honten Main Store – Tea Room, walk from 11 minutes, there is a 500-year old Uji specialty family shop positioned to accede to the shogunate which was purveyor during Shogun period. Its name is Mitsuboshien Kambayashi Sannyu Honten「三星園 上林三入本店」. In there you can really have fun making your own Uji matcha by traditional technique. The Master will try to show you about tea etiquette as well as the heart of Omotenashi, so please don’t worry, just relax and enjoy.

Only two participants will join in each 30-minute course. High-quality tea leaf for making your own match costs your 50,000 yen for 1 kg. It is quite expensive but the tea made will have your own unique delicious.


<13:00> The heavy smell founder – Uji Tea Sweets


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After tea making experiences, keep little walking to Notonojo Inafusa Yasukane 「能登椽 稲房安兼」. This is where you can buy some profound traditional Wagashi from the year of 1717. In many kinds of them, we highly recommend the founder of Uji tea sweets, it is Dango. The famous product is “Ocha no Dango” 「茶のだんご(30粒)」 (440 yen) made from a very unique and traditional manufacturing method. It is not too sweet and balanced flavor. Let’s see how many Dango can you eat.


<13:20> The remained majesty of Fujiwara Family


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Don’t forget to buy some more nice souvenirs, let’s visit Byodoin Temple just 2 minutes walking. It is the building printed on one side of 10 yen coin. It is true, and beside that the Phoenix at Byodoin is also printed in 10,000 yen paper. Coming here you can enjoy yourself the beauty of Heian Period too.


<15:30> Enjoy a charm of Sake Brewery from sightseeing boat.


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The last one, travel from Uji Station to Chushojima Station, you can enjoy yourself with a freighter from Edo Period 「十石船 伏見」. Just 4 minutes walking from Chushojima Station, the sightseeing boat tour on Gogawa river starts from Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum. During the tour, you can see the 4 season beauty of Willow tree grown on a road side and learn about the history of Sake Brewery. Duration time is 55 minutes in total.

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