Top 5 hidden Sakura viewing spots in Osaka

Sakura in the West of Japan with Osaka and Kyoto are the main area with many famous places attract tourist. Osaka is also a famous place for delicious food. Prepare some bento and enjoy behind Sakura with friends is kind of famous and traditional activities of Japanese.

In this time, we will introduce you top 5 hidden places for Sakura viewing in Osaka

Number 1: Satsukiyama Park

The first location is Satsukiyama Zoo. From the entrance of Park to Hinomaru Tower on top of 315 meters mountain, Sakura Yoshino open everywhere. This Park with more than 35.000 Sakura trees will make the whole mountain becoming pink in the Spring weather.

Hiking to the top of mountain and view Sakura is also fun and interesting entertainment.

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Access: From Hankyu Takarazuka Ikeda Station take 10 minutes bus to Satsukiyama Koen – Daikoji Bus Station or walking 15 minutes from Hankyu Takarazuka Station.

Number 2: Kishiwada Castle

The second location is Kishiwada Castle. With about 170 Sakura trees around Kishiwada Castle and illumination at night will help you viewing Sakura in different perspective. Sakura at night has its own beauty.

Mention to castle in Osaka, Osaka Castle is great also. It is one list of 100 Sakura viewing spots in Japan. You should try if you have a time.

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Access: From Nankai Electric Railway Nankai Main Line Takojizo Station, have 5 minutes walking.

Number 3: Yamanakadani

The third location is Yamanakadani. Two side on 1km rail way of Yamanakadani, Sakura will blossoms. Especially, illumination at night is great also.

On the train of Hanwa Line, you can view Sakura from inside through windows of train. It is really awesome also.  

Access: Just outside JR Yamanakadani Station.

Number 4: Kema Sakuranomiya Park

The fourth location is Kema Sakurai Palace Park. This park with Okawa River in the middle with 4.2km Sakura road and 4800 Sakura trees will welcome all Sakura viewers. Sakura road will be light up at night like Video above will help to level up the beauty of Sakura.

Access: Short walk from JR Sakuranomiya Station or Osakajo-kitazume Station. Or take subway Tanimachi Line, Keihan Temmabashi Station.

Number 5: Eiraku Dam

The final location is Yongle Dam. With more than 2km dam around, it is long walking and Sakura viewing course. It is recommend for somebody who loves outdoor activities. It also has Sakura Festival here. We will update information soon if information is available.

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