Selection of 7 famous Okonomiyaki shops in Osaka

When you visit Osaka for traveling and suddenly want to try Okonomiyaki. But in the centre of City, there are so many okonomiyaki shops. So where should we try now? Here are our suggestions for some famous shops where you enjoy okonomiyaki at 70-year-old shop or by mayonnise special style and so on. Let’s with us check those information before checking in at Osaka City.


Yamaimo-yaki 山芋焼”– You shouldn’t forget in Osaka


The first name come to when mentions about Okonomiyaki in Minami – Osaka is a 70-year-old brand name “Mizu no Okonomiyaki” (美津の). Staffs in this store are really good at material selections, one person is skillful at one material. And for a long time, this kind of relationship make a unique point of this store.

The famous product Yamaimo-yaki (1620 yen) using power made from potato in a mountain and cabbage grilled with many ingredients is the most popular here. Baking thick pork meat with scallop, sealing with butter and uma flavor on the surface. Let’s come and enjoy yourself with it.

Restaurant: 道頓堀 美津の 

Opening time: 11:00 - 22:00


The unchanged unique original Modanyaki “もだん焼”


Yakisoba or fried noddle with beaten egg make a unique menu at Okonomiyaki Kiji Umeda Sky Building – the famous restaurant which opened 23 years ago. The mild flavor in special menu of this restaurant is Modanyaki (830 yen). The shopkeeper is the Third generation of this traditional brand from 1969 at Shin Umeda Food Street Town. The process of making one okonomiyaki in this store is also one thing you can admire and have a view when coming there.

Restaurant: お好み焼 きじ 梅田スカイビル店 

Opening time: 11:30 - 21:30


Must see Osaka Special art of Mayonnaise “マヨネーズアート”


The special technique and flavor is protected more than 70 years in this old store – Okonomiyaki Okaru Store. Okonomiyaki (~ 800 yen) in this store is made by streamed with a lid. By this unique way, the cake is unfold. When baking, the chief can make some characters on the surface by mayonnaise. Let’s enjoy it.

Restaurant: お好み焼 おかる

Opening time: 12:00 - 14h30 and 17:00 to 22:00 


Fukutarou Betayaki “ベタ焼き”


One famous Okonomiyaki shop in Namba Area is Fukutarou, on iron board, thread the dough until it is thin, cabbage and ingredient are put on the surface. All of this make a style of Dabeyaki. When you first it eat, it is crisp and there are dough and cabbage combined together inside. The popular menu is 「すじにんにくねぎ焼き」Sujininnikunegiyaki (1080 yen)

Restaurant: 福太郎

Opening time: 11:30 - 23:00 


Enjoy yourself okonomiyaki at private room


At Namba, there is a shop named as “Hatsuse” 「はつせ – it is a okonomiyaki shop has 28 private room for you eating. The special menu here in this shop is Putaokonomiyaki 「ぶたお好み焼」(780 yen) – this is style of okomiyaki is dough and shoulder roaster meat mixed together. Let’s come and enjoy soft and juicy flavor of this special food.

Restaurant: はつせ

Opening time: 11:30 - 23:00


One style from very long time ago Osaka okonomiyaki


At Umeda there is a okonomiyaki shop named as Mifune (美舟) established from 1948. Customers can make their own style of okonomiyaki right at their seat and table. Using a lot of cabbage with wheat flavor and egg combined together. The recommended menu is Pork Okonomiyaki (850 yen), the fat pork is cooked before and other ingredient is mixed and cooked later. Beside the traditional flavor of Osaka style, customer can make their own style.

Restaurant: 美舟

Opening time: 12:00~15:00、17:30~22:00


CREO-Ru Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki

CREO-ru Takoyaki and Okonoyaki is one many outstanding takoyaki restaurant in Dotonbori Street.

More detail about this shop, please refer here: CREO-ru Takoyaki and Okonoyaki Dotonbori Osaka


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