Recommended 7 restaurants in Kyoto where you can have dinner and enjoy Sakura at the same time

The final month of Winter is coming far away, and the Sakura season is coming more closer.

Many Japanese people believe that enjoying Sakura without having something to eat maybe not a perfect Hanami. So in this time, we would like to introduce you 7 restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy Sakura and have a dinner only in one place. Hope it is useful for you during this Sakura seasons.

Kitayama Monorisu (北山モノリス)


Photo by 一休.com

5 minutes walking from Shugakuin, one hidden restaurant Kitayama Monorisu is located in quiet area Kitayama. At the first time you can see this restaurant, you may think it is quite small but inside it there is a wonderful garden.

In the middle of Garden, in the evening, one Sakura tree will be light up and bring to you a wonderful atmosphere. You can enjoy dinner and see Sakura flower in Japanese garden outside. This is great and quiet place to enjoy Sakura if you don’t want go to crowded viewing spots.

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Itoh Dining Kyoto (伊藤ダイニング 京都)


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4 minutes walking from Shijo Station, Ito Dining Kyoto was built 50 years ago. This is restaurant where you can enjoy Kobe beef inside Kyoto. From inside restaurant, you can enjoy Cherry trees and private room on the second floor is also available for you.

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Tsuburano (つぶら乃)


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15 minutes taking bus from Kyoto Station, get off at Shimizu Michitoma and 5 minutes walking, Tsuburano is located in Kiyomizu Temple area in Kyoto. One thing special of this restaurant is one kind of Matcha dessert which originated from Uji Rahiku Kyoto. So at the same time and same place, you can enjoy Sakura, Kyoto food and famous Matcha.

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Fuyucha Kyoto Gion Shop (ふゆーちゃ京都祇園店)


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5 minutes walking from Sanjo Station. Fuyucha Kyoto Gion Restaurant is located beside Shirakawa, the yard opposite River is great location you can see Sakura. Healing your soul with Hanami and the sound of Shirakawa river is the best choice.

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Yachiyo – Boiled tofu Garden ((湯豆腐 料庭 八千代)


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5 minutes walking from Keage Station, Yachiyo Restaurant is located near famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto “Nanzenji”. This is where you can enjoy Kyoto food and speciality of Nanzenji – boiled tofu.

You can have special food courses and enjoy Sakura blossoms in there but please make reservation because it could be crowded during Sakura season.

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Toriyone (京料理とりよね)


Photo by 京料理とりよね

Just in front of Taisha Matsuo Station, it is Toriyone. In there, you can enjoy many cuisines from Kyoto vegetables. You can enjoy a meal in peace and view Sakura. It is convenient for you to visit Arashiyama from this restaurant.

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Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Girl Kyoto


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5 minutes walking from Shiyaku Mae Station, Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Girl Kyoto is where you can enjoy Italia Pizza and even Pizza Mochi. That is special pizza in this restaurant

The best place to have Pizza and enjoy Sakura are near Takasegawa River. It is suitable for you if you want to visit Higashiyama from here.

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