Kansai Autumn Foliage Update 2015

If you have a chance to visit Kansai from end of October to early December, that is great moment for enjoying autumn foliage. You wonder when is the best time? How the color of foliage is? Or which is the best place to visit? Luckily Japan Travel and Tourism Association has a portal to report and update Japan autumn foliage status 2015.

When you access into Update portal, the main section Search by Area or Prefecture allow you to see the latest report about autumn foliage each regions. The color in each region demonstrate the color of foliage in that area. The color of leafs have being changed color from North to South. While in the North this time of the best time to see, in the West and South, it just start to change color.


Let’s look at Kansai (region including Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Mie, Wakayama) and pick Osaka for example

This page shows list of Locations where are the top beautiful places for outstanding autumn foliage. Each locations has some typical characteristics for example: Name of Location, autumn foliage status, the address and when is the best time to see.

The color of leaf represents to status or legend of foliage which divided into 6 stages: starting to change color, deepening of color, the best time to see, prime viewing season continues, leaves continue to faal and autumn foliage over.


Japan Autumn Foliage Update is just simple site but it helps to provides great status about autumn foliage. Visitors please don’t miss this beautiful natural event and don’t forget to access this update site for decided the best for viewing.

Here is link of Japan Autumn Foliage Update Portal 2015


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