How to use "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" portal application

When you travel to Japan, one of the most difficult is Internet connection. If you try to use roaming services it may cost you many money. Japan government and business know that obstacle so many companies have already started providing free wi-fi services. But the Japan laws have many article to restrict and guarantee the security so they often ask users to register with their name and email address at any time you try to connect Wifi. It is totally inconvenience.


One of the best solution that have caught attentions is a free wifi portal application for smart devices called “Japan Connected-free Wifi”. Just fill the form with some personal information for registration, this application will really help you have smooth connection to Free Wifi without many troubles.

Currently, with “Japan Connected-free Wifi” application, you are able to connect free wifi at over 138,000 areas around Japan and continue expanding.

Here is the instruction for using Japan connected wifi application:

1.    Download “Japan Connected-free Wifi” application.

This app is available on IOS and Android devices. You can download with the link at Apple Store, Google Play or QR Code

     Apple Store                              Google Play

2.    Do registration and some basic settings

After successfully install, the next step is registration, follow these steps below and fill your personal information



The plus point of using this application is that you just need to register at the first time using, it is much more convenient when compared with other Wifi services.


3.    Connect to Free Wifi

There are two cases

-      If the SSID is not available at your current location, please select Search button to find the location, it will show you the map where is available for Japan Connected-free Wifi services. Please go to the nearest location to access Free Wifi

-      If the SSID is available, click on Go! Internet Button and enjoy your Free Wifi

Wide Available Covered Area

Japan Connected-free Wifi” right now is available at more than 138,000 areas not only in Airport and subway station but also shopping mall, convenience stores and others public places. Please refer this page for list of coverage area

Multilingual Support

At the moment Oct 2015, this application have supported 11 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish and German.

This not Free Wifi Portal Application only

Beside the main feature Wifi Portal, this application also provide “travel tool” (at the bottom of Application main screen) that you can find other applications of website that help you traveling in Japan.

Here is the Guide for using Kyoto Wifi. If you are in Kyoto, the guide maybe help for you Kyoto Wifi Guide.

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