7 Recommended Sakura Spots in Higashiyama Kyoto

Kyoto City – a great place for Sakura viewing. Sakura trees are not only in Pagoda or Temple but also around the city. You can feel Spring with Cherry blossom at every corners.

This time, we introduce you the top 7 selections Sakura spots in Higashiyama – Kyoto. It is suitable for you walking and enjoying Sakura. The selections includes: Philosopher’s Walk, Shinshougokuraku-ji Temple, Heian Shrine, Maruyama Park, Kodaiji Temple, Gion Street and Takase River. You can even go through those locations only in one day.


Number 1: The Philosopher’s Walk


Monument and Cherry Blossoms at Philosopher's Walk

The first of all is the symbol of Sakura street in Kyoto is The Philosopher’s Walk. This is a rock street from Kinkakuji  to Lake Biwa Canal with 1.8km long. The beauty of Philosopher’s Walk is a beauty of four season combine with river side of Lake Biwa Canal, this makes a real artistic.


Sakura Tunnel at The Path of Philosopher

Around one hour walking from Ginakuji,  at the south of The Philosopher’s Walk, near Kumano Nyakuoji, there are a lot of Tea room around streets, you can have a cup of tea and enjoy Sakura. And of course there are many souvenir shop too.

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Number 2: Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple


Sakura at Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple

Near The Philosopher’s Walk, there is temple called Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple or Shinnyo-do Temple. Recently, It become more famous because one of the best “Autumn Foliage Viewing” location in Kyoto. During Autumn, it becomes crowded and not be hidden anymore.

There are around 70  Sakura trees at Shinnyo-do,  Sakura flower with solemn atmosphere at antique temple, this location is very popular for Sakura viewing.


Number 3: Heian Shrine


The next one is Heian Shrine. Heian Shrine located at the West South of The Philosopher’s Walk and Shinnyo-do Temple, about 20 minutes walking from Shinnyo-do Temple.



There is one garden around Shrine with 10,000 meters square. Here you can find a wide lake and Sakura trees. Heian Shrine is really wide so It may spends you around 1 hour to discover all interesting things.


Number 4: Maruyama Park




Go to the South of Heian Shrine, there is Maruyama Park – one of famous Sakura Blossom Locations in Kyoto. In this Maruyama Park, the magnificent point is old Sakura trees from 1947.


Number 5: Kodaiji Temple



From Maruyama Park, go to the South around 5 minutes, there is one temple called Kodai-ji Temple. You cannot forget the big Sakura tree in weeping form at front garden.


Number 6: Gion Street



When people ask about Kyoto, many persons will call their memories about Gion Hanamachi. With the beside river Shirakawa, you can enjoy Sakura with some tea at ancient house in Gion town.


Number 7: Takase River


The planted cherry blossoms at the banks of Takase River is to delight the eyes of people.

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