7 kinds of the most popular Sakura flower in Japan

Around Japan, there are around more than 600 different types of cherry trees. Because that varieties it is OK for you just calling them as cherry trees J Each type of Sakura trees, it has its own the shape petals, the color and the period of blooming. That is great and how lucky you are if you can visit and enjoy Sakura during full blossom period. Here is our introduction about 7 types of most popular cherry trees that are planted almost everywhere in Japan.

Somei Yoshino (染井吉野)


Somei Yoshino or just called as Yoshino Cherry. Its flower has the color of pale pink and usually blossom in the early of April. Yoshino Cherry is one of the most popular and common Cherry trees that grown across Japan. In the history, this kind origin from the late Edo Period with the name as Yoshinozakura.

Number of petals: 5

Color: faint pink or pale pink

Blossom season: late March to early April

You can easily find Yoshino Sakura viewing spots in this list Sakura spots in Kansai: Osaka Sakura Spots, Kyoto Sakura SpotsKobe Sakura Spots, Wakayama Sakura SpotsNara Sakura Spots, Shiga Sakura Spots


Yama-zakura (山桜)



Yamazakura or Hill Cherry has the second longest life span in all kind of Sakura trees. Early April is the blossom period of this flower. During that period, it blooms as whitish and pink flower and in the meanwhile reddish leaf buds start to grow too. Yoshinoyama in Nara is great location for somebody interesting and curious about the beauty of Yamazakura and Sakura Mountain - Yoshinoyama

Number of petals: 5

Color: faint pinkish white

Blossom season: early April

You can find Yama-zakura at Togetsukyo Bridge at Arashiyama - Kyoto 


Kawazu-zakura (河津桜)



It probably the first and earliest blossoming Sakura trees in Japan. So it is somehow make confusing with plum and peach flowers. You can easily recognize Kawazu-zakura flower by its large and pink pale. When they reach peak blossom, they are really brilliant.

Number of petals: 5

Color: faint purplish pink

Blossom season: early to late February


Shidare-zakura (枝垂桜)


Shidarezakura or sweeping cherry tree. Its blossoms bloom on the dropping branches. As its name in Japanese Kanji, it means “sakura with dropping boughs” or “sweeping sakura trees”. You can find many old with hundred years old Shidare-zakura around Japan. The most old and giant trees there is, the most beautiful flower they have.

You can enjoy Shidare-zakura at Onoji Temple - Nara


Yaezakura (八重桜)

In Japan, Yaezakura is used to call for blossoms that have more than 5 usual petals (usually from 10 – 20 petals) and in Kanji world ya-e means “in eight layers”. There are also many kind of Yaezakura with various kind of color and shape of petals. Usually, blossom season of Yaezakura will start after Somieyoshino blossoms have fallen.

Number of petals: 10 – 20

Color: faint pink, white, dark scarlet… (depend on the kind of cherry trees)

Blossom season: late March to late April

You can see Yaezakura at Ninnaji Temple - Kyoto


Edo-higanzakura (江戸緋寒桜)


Its pale pink blossoms are quite small. One thing special about this kind of cherry trees is very long-lived and some grows into a really huge trees. Many Edo-higanzakura has around 1000 – 1500 years old and still remains its beauty and ages. It is one of parents of well-known cherry tree Someiyoshino kind

Number of petals: 5

Color: faint pink and white

Blossoms season: late March to early April

Edo-higanzakura can be found at Nachi Station - Wakayama


Shibazakura (芝桜)


It is lawn cherry blossom. Actually it is not a member of Cherry tree family but Moss Pink type has a flowers looks like to cherry blossoms. So still many people many it is cherry blossom. This plant usually grows low along the ground and covers grounds with pink, rose or white flowers.

Number of petals: 4 – 6

Color: white, pink or rose

Blossoms season: from April to May

You can see Shibazakura at Hananojyutan - Hyogo

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