6 suggested spots healing your health by new green leaves in Kyoto

It is obvious that Kyoto is a representative of Japan travel. In this period – the green leaves season, we would like to introduce some spots in Kyoto for viewing the beauty of green.

It is not Sakura in Spring, not Foliage in Autumn, it is suggested trip for Green lover

In Kyoto, the images of Sakura in Spring and red autumn color are so well-known, each time when the season arrives, it attracts many visitors for sightseeing. However, Kyoto charm is not only about them. In this season, there will be a lot of spots to have fun with beautiful green leaves. Why don’t you let the green of Kyoto heal your heart and your body?

110 kinds of bamboo and bamboo grass growing thickly in Rakusaichikurin Park (洛西竹林公園)


Rakusaichikurin Park is located in Nishikyoku Ward – Kyoto. It is established for Natural Reservation. This nature reserve park has collected and grown around 110 kinds of bamboo from the whole country. One road is provided for visitors walking in the Park.

Sitting on bench in day-off surrounded by green bamboo can help you blown tiredness away.

Opening time: from 9:00 to 17:00

Entrance fee: FREE

Access: from Kyoto Station, take JR Tokaido Sanyo Line to Katsuragawa Station and take a bus toward to Rakusai Bus Terminal (洛西バスターミナル), get off at Kita Fukunishimachi (北福西町) Bus Station.


How about riverside boating at Hozugawa-kudari?


Having a river boating 16 km course from Kameoka to Arashiyama is a cool activity I suggest you should try. In this season, while you enjoy cool and fresh air, winds of river, you can also have a view of green leaves, rock on mountain and Tsutsuji Flower.

Having a train to Kameoka is also a recommended traveling experience.


From Kyoto Saga to Arashiyama, and then come to Kameoka by following a trolley train is our recommended route. During green leaves season, having view from train is great.

Fee: Riverside boating: 4100 yen for Adult

Access: from JR Kameoka Station, walk around 8 minutes.

Website: http://www.hozugawakudari.jp/en


Being prominent with the contrast of Red leaves in Kitano Tenmangu


There is a benefit you should know about your learning when coming to Kitano Tenmangu. Although, Ume Flower Grove is famous here, but in the beginning of summer you can have a nice view too. In Kitano Tenmangu, there is also a Odoi (御土居 – a construction built in Kyoto to protect from flood and enemies) and a Red Bridge between Odoi. With that reason you can see the beauty of contrast between red of Bridge and Green of leaves.

Opening time: from 5:00 to 18:00

Access: from Kitano Hakubaicho Station walk around 5 minutes.

Website: http://kitanotenmangu.or.jp/top_en.php


Adding more color with Rhodies (tsutsuji) flower and Hydrangea (ajisai flower) at Mimurotoji Temple


In Uji, Mimurotoji Temple is a location for Tsutsuji and Ajisai Flower you should know. And it is also the recommended spots for Ajisai flower in Kansai


Having fun until leaves change to red at Komyo-ji Temple


Komyo-ji Temple is famous for Foliage spot and Momiji Tunnel. There is a momiji road just at the Main entrance. And walking under new green leaves is so cool feeling.

Opening time: 9:00 – 16:00

Access: from Nagaokakyo Station take bus and get off at Asahigaoka Home Mae Bus Stop

Website: http://www.komyo-ji.or.jp/


Rain and gem above of moss at Giouji Temple 


One wonderful moss garden on the ground of Giouji Temple. The beauty view here can calm your heart. During rainy season, water above the moss come shining like a gem. This is a great place for visit especially rainy season.

Opening time: from 9:00 to 17:00

Entrance fee: 300 for Adult

Access: From Saga Arashiyama Station then walk around 5 minutes.

Homepage: http://www.giouji.or.jp/

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