20 kinds of KitKat only sold in Japan

KitKat is pronounced similarly with one sentence of Japanese "Kitto Katsu" (きっと勝つ)which means "you'll surely win". As a result, KitKat is one the common gifts for students. This leads the manufacture of KitKat - Nestle create many unique flavor and sometimes "strange" with the foreigner.

1. KitKat Banana

2. KitKat Brown Sugar

3. KitKat roasted potato

4. KitKat apricot kernel

5. KitKat fruit parfait

6. KitKat Bluberry Fromage

7. KitKat Red bean Sandwich

8. KitKat Houji Tea 

9. KitKat pumpkin

10. KitKat Cookies and Milk

11. KitKat "Midnight Eagle"

12. KitKat Apple


13. KitKat Yubari Melon

14. KitKat Kiwi

15. KitKat Vani

16. KitKat Snow Sakura

17. KitKat Milk Matcha

18. KitKat Soybean

19. KitKat pumpkin pudding 

20. KitKat French Rock Salt

Have you ever tried it all yet?

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