Hashigui Rocks


Do you believe in a bridge leading to the middle of ocean? There is a bridge like that called Haishikui in Wakayama which is not an artificial one but the masterpiece of the cooperation between Creator and Religious belief. Along the National Road 42, you can keep walking to the easternmost point of the coastline near the town of Kushimoto to see the series of rocks dot side by side  from seashore towards Oshima island.


Source: kumano world

In Japanese, Hashi means bridge while Kui means pillar. They call these rocks Hashigui because the rock formation looks like pillars of a bridge. Each rock has odd shape due to the effects of waves and winds from the middle of the ocean over a long time and together they stretch for about 850 meters along the ocean Only one unusual rock can be outstanding, here they get more than 40 rocks rising up in a row as the unique scenery that has been designated as a national natural treasure.


Source: kumano world

Kobo Daishi, one of the most respected monk in Japan who is the founder of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, is believed to create Hashigui rocks after being challenged by a monster to build a bridge across the sea. The legend tells that once upon a time, there is a Devil called Oni that was always confident to be the most intelligent in the world. One day, Oni met Kobo Daishi and was jealous in his wisdom that Oni wanted to defeat him. Oni decided to dare Kobo Daishi to build a bridge connecting Kushimoto and Oshima Island in one night, before the early hen cried. In that night, Kobo Daishi easily lifted some huge rocks from a nearby mountain and lined up them in the ocean and the bridge would be built by sunrise. However, Oni hiding behind trees witnessed and thought about stopping the progress. He faked the voice of hen that made Kobo Daishi stopped as he promised. Therefore, this unfinished bridge has remains by now with a shrine of Kobo Daishi in the starting point.


An other legends also tells that Kobo Daishi built this bridge but for people in Kushimoto and Oshima in the context that any precious one were broken by the Devil. Certainly in the end, he could not complete the bridge due to the Devil’s act of sabotage and the bridge only ran to the middle of sea.

Sunset is the best time to admire Hashigui rocks when all rocks look like old men sitting in a row among the sea and silently enjoy the sunset, thinking about circulations of Creator. Some rock turns to the next one and makes a light smile. They all have a curved back that after their busy life, they sit together to rest in the beautiful ocean. Besides, in every moment of a day, you can also get different wonderful scenes of the rocks. From the distance, in some beautiful day when water is calm, you can get the great reflections of the rocks in the ocean

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How to access: 
-By JR limited express Kuroshio: about 3 hours from Ten'noji in Osaka, about 1 hour from Shirahama to Kushimoto. From JR Kushimoto Station, take the Kumano Kotsu Bus to Hashigui-iwa.
-By Car: from the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway, take National Route 42 towards Kushimoto for approximately 75.6 km.