Sagawa Art Museum


Tearing the natural block of lush trees and grasses surrounding the ancient Moriyama of Omi district apart , you will find the Sagawa Art Museum hiding a luxurious space under the cool shade of nature. To put into words, Sagawa art museum is something unusual descending into the water area near the Lake Biwa. Actually, they created ponds around the museum to turn it into floating on the water. In the middle of the vast crystal clear surface dotted with several statues, the museum looks remarkably gorgeous. Water also come in to inspire to artistic works as you can see a beautiful painting of Enryakuji temple in amazing cooperation with water.


On March 22nd 1998, Sagawa Art museum was established, contributing to a chain of celebration events marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Sagawa Express company. Born meaningfully, the leaders of Sagawa Art museum want to bring an luxurious space of art to not only the local community but wide open to the whole world. As a result, the museum has become the indispensable spot among Shiga must visited list of all tourists coming to the area. Through various exhibitions of artworks by excellent artists such as the painter Hirayama Ikuo, the sculptor Sato Churyo, and the ceramic artist Raku Kichizaemon, Sagawa art museum expresses a huge spirit of Japanese art, contribute to the promotion and development of general art and culture.


Sagawa Art museum contains three separate halls as exhibition spaces for three Japanese great artists: the painter Hirayama Ikuo, the sculptor Sato Churyo, and the ceramic artist Raku Kichizaemon. Under the concept of Prayer for Peace, about 50 works of traditional Japanese-style painting called Nihonga carefully selected from more than 300 paintings of Hirayama Ikuo are displayed in mellow  lighting. Hirayama Ikuo had spent almost all his life researching and painting the Silk Road, concerning about the diffusion of Buddhism through Asia. Through this exhibition, visitors can get an insight into the world of Hiryama Ikuo, following his feet to discover the wellspring of Japanese culture.


The Bronze Poetry space of Sato Churyo is described as Warm scenes, seen with gentle gaze. Actually, this is an exhibit of about 40 sculptures and sketches chosen from the collection of 100 works of the Japanese great sculptor Sato Churyo. Almost all of these artworks depict women and children with warm gaze and appearance as we can see completely that Sato has already found the beauty of human. Last but not least, Raku Kichizaemon brings the concept of Shuhari meaning three stages of learning an art from a master: shu is following, ha is breaking out and ri is separation. Not only the exhibition space of ceramic artworks by Raku Kichizaemon, mostly created since 2000 include yakinuki black raku tea bowls, black raku tea bowls, yakinuki tea jars, and yakinuki water jars, they also design a tea room laid out within a water garden.

Open time: 
From 9:30 am to 5:00 pmLast admission at 4:30 pm.
Closed day: Monday or the following day if Monday is holiday, New Year holiday period or time of exhibitions changeover.
-Adult: 1000 yen
-University and High school student: 600 yen
-Elementary shcool student and younger: free
How to access: 
-From Moriyama Station on the JR Biwako Line: take a scheduled bus and get off at Sagawa Art Museum.
-From Katata Station on the JR Kosei Line: take a scheduled bus and get off at Sagawa Art Museum.