Ryuo Agri Park


Shiga is a fat land area raising hectares and hectares of orchard. As a harmony of water and mountain soil flourishes, gardens of fruits, vegetables and herds of livestock appears to cover every hills and valleys, creating such vast, populous and rich fields. As the way to expand and develop this agricultural prosperity, some among these fields have been upgraded to be agricultural parks with the purpose of not only raising the best agricultural products but also promoting the food processing industry from these products in the prefecture. Ryuo agri Park seems to be the most outstanding one among them in Shiga.


Source: Ryuo Agri Park

Vegetables and fruits are the main characters at Ryuo Agri Park. You can not find in anywhere the fresher and greener vegetables than in Ryuo Agri Park. Thanks to the rich soil and the kind caring hands of Ryuo farmers, vegetables have grown to be luxuriant, transmitting the whole quintessence of weather to each leaf and bulbs. Beside vegetables, you will discover a heaven of fruits of four seasons from strawberry, cherry, peach, grape, pear and persimmon. They are believed to hold the most yellow rays of sunshine, the purest drops of rain and the freshest dewdrops of fog to bring the sweetest and most delicious flavor. You have to recognize the high grade quality of Ryuo fruits when directly tasting them right in the field. In addition, rice and mushroom are some other specialities raised here in Ryuo Agri Park. There is a pet zone inside the park with lovely animals that will give laughter and happiness to our children. Take your child to different houses protecting foals of rabbit, goat, sheep or horse with various activities to interact with these cute friends.


Source: Ryuo Agri Park

To complete the process of making an agricultural product, many stores and restaurants appear here inside the parks with food and dishes made of materials grown in the park or selling right the agricultural products harvested from the field. You can choose to buy several baskets of vegetables or fruits from retail shops, or directly try cups of fresh fruit juice or milk. The pure materials are also used to make other products like cream and bread. You can see around some bakery, barbecue shop or restaurant. It is really worth to try some bread with sweet potato, sesame or curry, some pizza with ham, cheese, strawberry jam or egg, some milk donut or cream bread. It will be an amazing experience to taste the famous Omi beef in barbecue shop grilled with colorful vegetables, all ingredients coming from the farm like you have just raised and immediately enjoy them.


Source: Ryuo Agri Park

To raise the awareness and knowledge as well as the love with agricultural nature, Ryuo Agri Park designs a countryside museum and some experience classes for visitors coming to the area. you will have the unique chance to touch farming wooden tools and learn how to use them on the field. When you know how to seeding, you will surely love green rice fields and your white bowl of rice more and more.

Open time: 

-From April to September: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

-From October to March: from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Closing day: Mondays.


-Adult: 200 yen

-Children: 100 yen

How to access: 

Take bus from JR Omihachiman Station and get off at Agri Park Ryuo-mae bus stop then take a short walk to the park.