Daiichi Nagisa Park


Shiga people remember Moriyama as a former lodging town lying by the road Nakasendo dotted with several remarkable religious sites, then you may little know about the magnificently beautiful park called Daiichi Nagisa in the most north of the town. Overwhelmed by the huge and wide known shape of the brother in name Nagisa park in Otsu city which is just 15 kilometers north from Daiichi Nagisa, on the eastern shore near the narrowest part of the Lake Biwa, Daiichi Nagisa keeps its secret beauty inside little smiling blossoms, sending the sweet fragrance all over the lake area and following the lake wind to flood over the main land.


Referring Nagisa park, people often pay their attention to the one in urban Otsu, do not need tell that they only know just this park. Owning a vast front extending to the lake, the Otsu Nagisa park welcomes a huge number of tourists throughout a year, offering a large playground for friend groups as well as family in airy space. Compared with the counterpart in Otsu, Daiichi Nagisa is more modest in both scale and reputation. Staying on a quiet lakeside is quite smaller and much less crowded through most of the year. However, Daiichi Nagisa turns into suprisingly bustling during several weeks from late January through February as well as from July through August, two seasons of natural princesses growing inside the park.


Little children missing in ocean of rape blossom

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Rape blossom scatters 12000 flowers over Daiichi Nagisa park in time of early winter from January to February. Mysteriously, the chilling cold of winter can not fade the vitality of this Kanzaki Hanana, on the contrary, making it more colorful and brillant. Covering fully the area of 4000 square meters, rape blossom lays down a vast carpet of resplendent yellow, against the grey and cold sky. Specially, on the background of snow-capped Hira Mountains, this color of yellow becomes brighter. Being here on a chilling day, you looming feel the early existence of spring, vanishing in rape blossom slender trees, playing with soft petals and together, they giggle.



An other yellow princess, sunflower will creates another weeks of bustle in Daiichi Nagisa park. Also 12000 blossoms covers 4000 square meters, once summer come around mainly from July through August. Under summer sunshine yellow like pouring honey, each blossom flourishes openly, directing its face up to the sun, quivering excitedly. Sky is crystal clear blue, sunlight is brilliantly yellow against the background of green mountains and sunflower is cheerful, it must be the brightest picture of Japanese summer around Shiga area.


Enless field of rape blossom

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You will love the scene of some children missing in the ocean of rape blossom or a girl running in sunflower fields, they all smile and you have trouble knowing who is prettier, the girls or flower. Rape blossom or sunflower, they both bring a monochromatic of yellow to Daiichi Nagisa park, warming up your cold heart in winter chilling days or cooling you head in burning hot of summer days. Some amateur artists usually come here to take a impromptu photo or drawing a natural painting. And you, whether you come for a picnic, an outdoor shooting day or sightseeing, you will love the picturesque Daiichi Nagisa park.

Open time: 

All day


Freely access

How to access: 
-Take an Ohmi Railway Bus bound for Laforet Biwako from the Moriyama Station on JR Biwako Line to Daiichi Nagisa Koen.
-Or about one hour rental bike ride from the Moriyama Station on JR Biwako Line