Ono Jinja Shrine


The little Ono Jinja Shrine in Shiga Prefecture is quite small but not so quiet cause it welcomes a huge number of tourists from both across Japan and the world. The question is that, what can make this little thing special? If you do know and love the famous Arashi band in Japan, you had better care about this shrine as it plays an important role in hearts of millions fans of the band. There is funny piece of rumor telling that if you pray at Ono Jinja, you will obtain a ticket for Arashi concert. As the rumor spreads out among the community of Arashi fans, they start to pour into the shrine around the time of concerts. Whether the rumor is true or not, the shrine naturally becomes a belief part of Arashi loving hearts. They come to wish for a mysterial ticket or, for the health of Arashi band members. You can also find some charms inspired by these members at Ono Jinja shrine.


The origin of Ono Jinja is the Tenjinsha shrine which is believed to be built around 7th century. Buddhism and Shinto used to live peacefully at Tenjinsha until the Order of separating Shinto and Buddhism was released in 1868. The name Ono Jinja dated back in this period of time, however, it remained the harmonious coexistence of Shinto and Buddhism.


It is a fact that a court scholar as well as a poet and politician named Sugawara-no-Michizane used to stayed at the shrine in the late 9th century. Then after his death, he became the enshrined deity of an added shrine called Onomiya Tenmangu within the precinct of Tenhinsha. The whole structure later turned into Ono Jinja shrine as we know today. Later,one other shrine was built worshiping three deities including the Deity of Matchmaking Izumo Okami, the Deity of Commerce Ebisu Okami and the Deity of Martial Arts Hachiman Okami. Nowadays, Ono Jinja has become a little home of various deities as their blesses cover almost all aspects of life.


Ono Jinja impresses visitors by the magnificent gate of two stories with hipped and gabled roof of cedar bark constructed in Era period, coming to be the oldest wooden two-storied gate of all temples and shrines across Shiga Prefecture. In addition, Ono Jinja also owns the oldest tower gate in Shiga. Important cultural properties include a standing statue of Eleven-faced Kannon, a standing statue of Bishamonten and a standing statue of Fudomyo-o.

Open time: 

From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Last admission at 5:30 pm


Freely access

How to access: 

Take JR Biwako Line to Kusatsu Station then take bus to Community Center Konze stop and take a 15 minute walk.