Yume-Kyobashi Castle Road


Hikone castle in Shiga Prefecture is considered as the only one that survived after enemy’s attacks, remaining the untouched structure through fire and sword and when you come around the area, you even feel clearly the nostalgic atmosphere surrounding every single establishment, tree and road. If you are around Hikone castle now, just cross the bridge spanning the moat running by the castle to meet Yumekyobashi castle road, a narrow world featuring both new and old, silently born in the middle of modern streets but with the exact taste of the Edo time. Thanks to all the attempt of Shiga prefecture in reproducing such an ancient atmosphere, people call the street Dreaming Yumekyobashi castle road.


In some of 1603s, the area around Hikone castle was split to be a castle town. Under the safe and sound shadow of the castle, residents lived and worked in peace and contentment, creating such a beautiful and peaceful picture of the castle town. Time and modernization had affected significantly the structure as well as the atmosphere of the town. In 1985, Shiga started to take the maintenance of the town into consideration, examining how to match the form and color of a new era of buildings but not excessively modernizing the street. Yumekyobashi was completed in 1999, reappearing fully and vividly the castle town in 1603.


Yumekyobashi road begins immediately from the bridge crossing the castle moat, stretching a short distance to the bustling streets like a little lingering of the past with tte ancient atmosphere surrounding the castle before entering the modern life outside. In spite of the short length, Yumekyobashi opens a relatively width of about 6 meters, slowly running over traditional Japanese houses of white walls and black latticed windows. Door by door, eave by eave, roof by roof follows each other to the end of the road, making a beautiful monochromatic world, made up by several foliage of ginkgo trees which will all fall into splendid yellow in autumn.


Along Yumekyobashi castle road, there are about 40 stores ranged from souvenir shops, store of local goods, restaurants, sweet shops or cafe, also including bank, newspaper office, and post office. In the air and feeling of the past Edo, you go around to taste some meat skewers or traditional sweet, even Western sweet and pastries. Visitors often pour into the road on the occasion of blooming cherry blossom or blazing red leaves to enjoy dreaming nights when the whole road is lit up in dazzling light of yellow and blue. It suddenly turns back in Edo period in time of festival when these magnificent light dye white walls of old houses and people slowly stroll the road with little pieces of story and laugh. It is really a picturesque with beautiful color of time.

Open time: 

Vary by shops and restaurants. Around 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Vary by shops and restaurants

How to access: 
-Take a 20 minute walk from the JR Hikone Station on West Tokaido Line.
-Take the Omi bus from Hikone Station headed to Minami-Hikone Station and get off at the castle road stop.