Kashikobo Maruichikaho


It has opened since 1949 near” Osaka Tenmangu Shrine” for a god of literature, and produced and sold the "Success manjū" which has the letters of "合格(Success)" which are written with chocolate on top of the fluffy butter flavored bread for prayer (popular traditional Japanese confection, it is steamed yeast bun with filling) and "Success bread" which is shaped as Ema (a votive horse tablet) to pray the success in examinations.


There are some healthy less sugar sweets for ballet dancer "Ballet Sweets Mai" (a moist cake of grated yam powder with heart shape). This shop also accepts special order to make baked sweets, fresh Japanese sweets in theme of four seasons and sticky rice cake. If you eat the sweets, your fortune will be uplifted. In Maruichi Kaho the less sugar sweets are famous also. Even ballet dancer can eat the "manjū" without considering about calories. There are many novelties and you might be tempted to buy while you enjoy watching. It is in walking distance from Tenmangu Station and close on Sunday.



Open time: 
From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed day: Sunday

Vary by item

Average budget: 1000 yen

How to access: 

Direct access from Ogimachi StationMinamimorimachi Station on Subway Tanimachi Line or Osaka Tenmangu Station on JR Tozai Line