Mint Museum


Japan’s finance has its origin from the commercial center in Osaka. Together with 2 branches in Tokyo and Hiroshima, there is the headquarters of Min Bureau here. Adjacent to the Mint Bureau, you can find the Mint museum with many important materials saving from Japanese history of coins.

Originally, the site of Mint Museum used to be a thermal power plant. When the area became the premises of Japan Mint, they began construction of the museum and opened to public in 1969 as a facility to exhibit Japanese minting operation. Till now, the total amount of exhibits has reached 4000 items, including Japanese gold coins of different sizes, coin related items such as Olympic medals, plaques of the National Honorary Award, historical documents and articles.


To put in words, Mint museum is the only building with western style remaining from Meiji period. The red giant brick building has totally 3 floors. The first floor is a kind of entry hall with open ceiling space housing a Great clock made by Ono Norichika in 1876. The second floor includes exhibition rooms showing videos about History and Business of Japan Mint, materials and special tools to make coins, typical products of Japan Mint and many other important documents. There is also a corner of experience for visitors to lift a Senryoubako, a chest of 1000 gold coin or a coin bag, or else touch gold and silver bullion bars. The last floor is also an exhibition space but special with a huge number of coins put in glass plates and illuminated by light.

More than a museum, Mint museum is famous for cherry blossom spreading along the one way street running 560 meters from the south to the north gate by about 450 trees, making a tunnel of pink cloud reflecting in Kyu Yod river.

Open time: 
From 9:00 am to 4:45 pm. The last entry is at 4:00 pm.
Closing day: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Golden Week holidays, summer Bon holidays, year-end and new-year holidays


You have to fill in the forms with your name and address before entering the Mint Museum at the front Gate.

How to access: 
Mint museum can be reached by:
-a 15 minute walk from Sakuranomiya or Kyobashi station on Osaka Loop Line
-a 10 minute walk from Osaka Temmangu station on JR Tozai Line
-a 15 minute walk from Temmabashi station on Keihan Railway or Subway Tanimachi Line
-a 15 minute walk from Miamimorimachi station on Subway Tanimachi Line or Subway Sakaisuji Line