Namba Grand Kagetsu


Yoshimoto Kogyo is the entertainment conglomerate developing from a traditional theater found in 1912 in Osaka to be one of the most influential companies around Japan. Yoshimoto Kogyo focuses on planning, producing and marketing content fro television and radio channel, promoting events, advertising and business activities. Overall, the company still spends a significant part of resource to operate in theater management field as its business starting. Opened in 1987, Namba Grand Kagetsu located in Osaka is the headquarters of Yoshimoto which is the comedy theater representing the whole Kansai area and a global brand of Japanese comedy.


Namba Grand Kagetsu is a large complex of theaters, restaurants, and souvenir shops that can sell to you not only food, souvenir relating comedy but also laughter. It was born with a mission of bringing buoyancy and joy to audiences and making every single day in Osaka happy. Visitors come here to find the base of comedy culture in Osaka. The main hall is very large with the latest theatrical innovations at the time of construction to offer true laughter. They will hold performances of stand-up comedy and comic monologue of various kinds namely manzai (Comic dou), Rakugo, Kontos (comic chat) and shinkigeki (New comedy) by famous comedians twice or 3 times a day. Moreover, there is another world of music and acrobatics show for you to discover.

Open time: 

Different by a program.

Days with 2 performances: the first begins from 11:00 am, the second begins from 2:30 pm.

Days with 3 performances (usually on weekend and national holidays): the first from 9:45 am, the second from 12:45 pm, the third from 3:45 pm.
Seat on 1st floor: 4500 yen
Seat on 2nd floor: 4000 yen
How to access: 

The theater can be reached by a 3 minute walk southeast from Midosuji line subway Namba Station, Hanshin/Kintetsu Line of Osaka Namba Station, or Nankai Line of Namba Station