Kuromon Ichiba Market


Kuromon Ichiba is lovingly called Osaka’s kitchen, somewhat of Kyoto’s Nishiki market. Someone says that, if you visit a family, linger to take a meal with them because you might not know whether if their food is something you have never tried before. You may tried many specialities in shopping streets or restaurants around Osaka but Kuromon is the place holding all the essence of Osaka’s food culture with all of its freshness and original taste.


Kuromon used to be known as Emmeiji maket named after a large Emmeiji temple nearby, however, it turned to Kuromon Ichiba, meaning Black Gate when a black gate was built in the northeast of the temple. Over about 190 years, Kuromon has served as the major market, the familiar kitchen of every citizens living in Osaka. Although the market gets a little of touristy now with the appearance of big commercial brands, it remains the figure of a local market with shops run by moms or households. This can explain for the cosy atmosphere around this tourist spot.


There are about 190 shops and stores stretching out the length of 600 meters mainly focusing on food, of course you still find some random stores selling clothes or daily gadgets, but it can be a mistake to diverge from the center character of the market. It is really a paradise of vegetables and fruits arranged spectacularly on the shelves, those of most delicious and freshest that you find nothing to do except thinking about how juicy and sweet they taste. Meat, eggs and many other ingredients are also on sale.


Overall, the most interesting for tourists seems to be street food, hot boiling dishes that can charm every hungry stomach. You can find an ocean of seafood snacks around the market namely grilled sea bream, grilled giant scallops, specially-prepared fugu fish,  or fatty tuna belly, listen to the fat from seafood sizzling from the grill and feel it floods your teeth with tasting deliciously buttery. It is not only about eating and drinking but the way to enjoy the beauty of Osaka’s food culture.

Open time: 

Each shop has different opening time, however most of them are open from 8 am to 5pm and serving food.


Different by Shops

How to access: 
From Shin-Osaka station: take subway Midosuji line to Namba station then change to Subway Sennichimae line and get off at Nippombashi station.
From Kintetsu/Hanshin Sannomiya Station or Nara Station: take Kintetsu/Hanshin Railway to Nippombashi station.
The market is on outside Exit No.10 of Nippombashi station.