Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street


Along with Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, Ebisubashi located in front of Namba station is also one of the largest shopping districts around the world. The area was naturally famous with Dotonbori river, and it has been even more famous since a canal was constructed about 400 years ago. Just like a magnet bullion, the construction attracted a stream of merchants gathering along the riversides making a shopping district. In the bustling atmosphere of business, a small bridge ran over Dotonbori river without any fuss taking Osaka locals over the river to the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine to pray for commercial prosperity. As their wishes come true, the area taking the name of Ebisubashi bridge, developed swiftly as a well known tourist spot for visitors coming to Osaka.


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Ebisubashi street runs about 350 meters in length from Ebisubashi bridge and stopping in front of Takashiyama department store. The arcade is full with about 90 commercial buildings of department stores, fashion shops, theaters, restaurants and bars. There is a marvellous world of fashion for women of different age from outerwear, innerwear, shoes, bags, cosmetic and accessories. Not the same with some other modern malls, you will interestingly realize the freedom, energy and fashion color of Osaka women inside products found here. On the other hand, Ebisubashi is characterized with traditional shops with history of 60 to 150 years  where you can take raw materials and handmade craftsmanship. For gastronomer, a heaven of coffee shops and restaurants with Chinese food, fast food and of course, Japanese traditional food such as takoyaki, okonimoyaki or sushi will welcome you. After eating to satiety, take your time to visit the entertainment corner in the southern of the arcade to enjoy the best movies in TOHO Cinemas Namba or Japanese traditional art of Kabuki.

Open time: 
From 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: from 10:00 am to 10:00pm
Shops and restaurants have different operation hour.

Varies by shops and restaurants

How to access: 

The arcade can easily be reached by a 3 minute walk from Nankai Namba station or a 5 minute walk from subway Namba station.