Den Den Town


If you do know the name Akihabara  in Tokyo, you should know that it has a brother in Osaka called Den Den town that their brotherhood is described as “Akiba in the East, Ponbashi in the West”. Centered in Nipponbashi street, Den Den town is the destination for those who looking for electronics, otaku goods and some sort of childhood and nostalgia.

Nipponbashi used to be called Nagamachi in the Edo period after changing to the current name in 1792. Along with the appearance of many second hand book stores in Meji period and electronic stores after World War II, Osaka locals called the area Den Den town or Denki no Machi, meaning Electric town in Japanese.

There are more than 300 shops found here, some of them are tax free by showing passport. Den Den town is usually compared with Akiha in Tokyo because it specializes in electrical goods. Actually, the town is quite smaller than the brother in Tokyo but having many advantages in price which is negotiable, the unique in Osaka, as well as the variety in goods, from electronics, tools to furniture. Walking around popular electronics retailer multi-storied shops of Joshin or Sofmap, you can fill your passion of electronics or buy a camera or a watch for yourself.


Otaku in Japanese are people obsessed with their hobby like they can not live without it. Electronics are also a kind for otaku, but Den Den town has an other world for typical otaku in Japan known as Otaku road with no end of anime, manga, card and game stores. Standing in front of this heaven, you will hear your kid heart screaming inside your rib cage and you lose control when following it to go mad with toy and games shops of X-men, Ninja Turtles or Mighty Max. Numerous items of both retro and modern waits for joining your collection at home. It is not difficult to find some recycle shops with used CDs and games and even adult video stores. This characteristic is out standing enough for being the speciality of Den Den town, used to be known for an electronics district.

Some tourists coming to Osaka for the first time might be blush with shame when being stopped by a maid and asked to take time to her cafe. Just a intersting cutural feature of Osaka reflecting in many cosplay cafes located in Den Den town with various services of not only coffee but massage, beauty or cabarets.

Open time: 

Different by shops, however, most of them open from 10:00 pm to around 7:00 pm


Different by shops.

How to access: 
Den Den town can be reached by:
-a 1 minute walk from North A, exit 1B of Ebisucho Station of Subway Sakaisuji Line, 
-a 5 minute walk from exit 5 of Nipponbashi Station of Kintetsu Line and Subway Sakaisuji Line, Sennichimae Line, 
-a 5 minutes walk from exit 5 Nanba Station of Subway Midosuji Line