America Village


Following some youngsters with strange looking sport fashions that you have just come across in streets around Shinsaibashi and Namba subway station, you will meet the wall painting called Peace on Earth dating from 1983 in American Village, the birth place of modern street culture in Osaka since the 1970s.

Nestled behind the back of the bustling shopping street Shinsaibashi, Americamura used to be a quite area. Thanks to the advantage in cheap rent spaces in the central area, many young designers came here to open small shops of cafe, jeans, t-shirts and records. However, during the 1970s, not like the common imagination we have nowadays, Americamura at that time was famous for a cafe shop called LOOP opened by a designer Mariko Higiri. It was a habitual spot for young designers to gather and exchange their creativity.


As an effect of art, some pioneers and active individuals in fashion field came forward to support the inexperienced. Along with the wave of Amecican and Western culture into Japan, Americamura was expected to be as great as Shinsaibashi through selling rare and trendy goods of used records and vintage clothes. The area was gradually introduced on TV and magazines as American Village, leading to the open of many bigger stores of domestic famous brands. Later, not only fashion stores but also movie theaters and music clubs, bars appeared, pushing the amount of stores 10 times larger.

Nowadays, Americamura satisfies every youngster with unique fashion from hip hop to designed gothic wear and remains its role of creating environment for young to practice in fields of fashion, design and music. The area is always full of young people with active and youthful atmosphere from street performances and flea markets. The dark falls to bring more enthusiasm with streets full of light together with vibrant night life. Who knows, famous designers and artists who can change a whole trend will be born here.

Open time: 

Open time varies by store


Varies by store

How to access: 
From Shinsaibashi station: take a 3 minute walk on the Midosuji line or the Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line of Osaka City Subway.
From Yotsubashi station: take a 3 minute walk on the Yotsubashi line of Osaka City Subway
From Namba station: take a 7 minute walk on the Midosuji line, Yotsubashi line or Sennichimae of Osaka City Subway.
From Osaka namba staton: take a 7 minute walk on the Kintetsu Namba line or Hanshin Namba line of Kinki Japanese railway or Hanshin electric railway
From JR Namba station: take a 8 minute walk on the Kansai main line of West Japan railway.