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More than trees and flowers, visitors can find a windmill of Netherlands design and a greenhouse as the largest around Japan inside the precinct of Tsurumiryokuchi park in Osaka. Developing from as well as to commemorate the International Garden and Greenery Exposition held in 1990, the park now has bloomed as a heaven gathering various species of flowers from different 55 countries around the world, covering the area of 106 hectares of garden and pond. Tsurumiryokuchi park is the warm house for more than 2000 rose stocks, thousands of ducks and about 100 species of wild birds, all together making paradise of nature. Standing on a hillside, the main character of Tsurumiryokuchi park, the windmill is surrounded by a carpet of Holland tulips with coloful ribbons from white, yellow to red falling about nearly 50000 blossoms in April. Together with tulips, salvias, cosmos and many others kinds of flowers in turn bloom seasonally to embellish the symbol of Tsurumiryokuchi park.

Open time: 

All day

The facilities inside the park have different operation time



How to access: 

From JR Osaka Station: about six minutes from JR Osaka Station to Kyobashi Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line, and about nine minutes from Kyobashi Station to Tsurumiryokuchi Station on the subway Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi Line.

The park is located right in front of the Exit No.1 of Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Station.


12:05 May 09th 2016
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I came there in this Spring so I luckily see both Sakura as well as others flower. It were really so amazing.