Yoshikien Garden


Lying side by side the great Nara Park as well as the hiding beauty Isuien garden, Yoshikien garden is a secret should discovered and interestingly, can be freely discovered with foreign tourists. This can be considered as the special preference for the foreign friends to know more about the Japanese art of gardening and how they bring all nuances of Japanese natural beauty  from all directions into such a close space of the garden. Yoshikien is almost the only one in Japan where you can experience three garden styles combined in one single garden.


Source: Nara Park

If someone asks about the unique charm Yoshikien holds inside its heart, Nara locals will answer with their sweetest smile that the garden takes all the fragrancy from the Yoshikigawa river running beside. Such the calm and gentle stream seems to provide Yoshikien with the warmest love and comfort, bringing to the most freshest vitality. Yoshikien Garden dated back in 1919. Initially, the site of the garden used to be the location of Manishuin Temple as a branch of Kofukuji Temple as well as its priest residences. In the context of the anti-Buddhist turmoil in the beginning of the Meiji Period, the site fell into private hands. In 1919, the ownership of this site was transferred to Nara Prefecture and the garden was started to be designed but until 1989, the garden was opened for public.


Source: Nara Park

Three different variations of Japanese gardens in Yoshikien are a pond garden, a moss garden and a tea ceremony garden, connected with each other by a stone paved stairs. The pond garden welcome you first with the unique charm of water area. Around the pond, little hillock stay in good-natured way as they lay their heads down on the legs of the other, enjoying the slight feeling of the pond. After strolling around and around over curved walking paths, you can climb up a stairs to linger on the rather high tower to admire the tranquil atmosphere embracing the pond in silence. The moss garden is a little more secluded, covering such a tranquil ambience over the glossy green carpet of moss. Under the cool shadows of luxuriant trees, you put your soft step into the mossy carpet, coming over stepping stones and turn your head around to meet picturesque stone lanterns, feeling the most wonderful arrangement art of moss and stone.


Source: Nara Park

The tea ceremony garden is specialized by seasonal flowers, creating the perfect stage for tea ceremonies. Whatever it is spring or autumn, visitors can enjoy sitting in excitingly quivering flowers or dazzling crimson foliage while sipping a warm cup of tea like you are in a exhibition of nature. Inside Yoshikien garden, a number of wooden buildings can found are a tea house in the moss garden, a thatched tea house in the tea ceremony garden and two resting towers.

Open time: 

From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Last admission at 4:30 pm.

Closing time: from December 28th to the end of February of the next year.


-Adult: 250 yen

-High school and Junior high school student: 120 yen

-Elementary school student and younger: free

-Foreign tourist: free

How to access: 

-Take a short walk east from Kintetsu Nara Station.

-Take Nara Loop Bus No.2, 70, 72, or 97 from JR Nara Station to Kencho-higashi bus stop then take a short walk.