Naoya Shiga Former Residence

Naoya Shiga in Japanese history is a famous novel man spending his whole life from 1883 to 1871 contributing actively to Japanese literature of Taisho and Showa periods by his excellent works of novel and short story. One interesting about Shiga that during his lifetime, he owned an impressive number of house moving time, about 28 times around the whole Japan. Among them, the time he living in a residence near Nara Park in Nara city seems to be the longest period, from 1925 to 1938. He spent the most beautiful days of his life here with the family of his wife, their five daughters and a son before leaving for Tokyo for his son’s primary education. Naoya Shiga former residence is still in existence today in Onomichi of Nara, opened for public to enjoy its wooden structure and splendid garden.


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Naoya Shiga was born in Ishinomaki city of Miyagi Prefecture but is family moved to Tokyo when he was three to live with his grandparents. When his mother gave up her life as well as leaving him with his young age of thirteen. His father, a successful banker soon remarried, leading to the increasingly strain of their relationship. The war boomed when Shiga wanted to mary a maid of his family. The father sacked the maid and seriously criticized Shiga. He decided to leave Tokyo in 1912 for Nara, following an advice from one of his friend. Afterward, Shiga married with a widow of a child who was a cousin of his friend and even breaking his relationship with his father in 1914. It is quite easy to see the generous heart of Shiga in his love life as he freely put his emotion to a woman without caring about her position or condition. This is absolutely the heart of an artist.


About the location of Naoya Shiga former residence, after Meiji Period, it attracted many artists and writers to live together as a community in which Naoya Shiga was a pioneer of the advanced cultural group. In 1922, his greatest work began to be written, called Journey On A Dark Night which was finally completed in 1937. As the composing time quite coincided with his time living in the residence in Nara, he brought the describing of his residence into this work. He wrote in the work, "how splendid the view is from my house, from which one can see the shipyard and the quarry on the far side of the Onomichi Channel". He built a library and named Anyakoro as a space of art for his composing and he enjoyed walking through the short path so called Sasayakinokomichi to Kasuga Taisha and Todaiji Temple.


Naoya Shiga residence was built in the traditional Kyoto architectures with a little of Western style. His dining room was even called Takabatake Salon at that time but he described it as "a modest thing, the last of three terraced houses with a small room and a smaller kitchen". Shiga borrowed a gas stove from the gas company for the house's warmth then he owned the second most expensive gas bill in the whole city.

Open time: 
From March to November: from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
From December to February: from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed day: from December 28th to May 1st and days of cultural activities.
-Adult: 350 yen
-Junior high school student: 200 yen 
-Elementary school student and younger: 100 yen
How to access: 

From JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara station or Nara Station, take Nara Kotsu bus and get off at Yabuishi-cho stop ten take a 4 minute walk east to the residence.