Kurama Onsen

Kurama is one of the most easily accessible hot springs from Kyoto where you can have a bath outside with trees and mountains around, can relax not only your body but also your mind and blow all your stresses away. This outdoor spa lies at the end of Kurama valley, in the traditional village sloping down from the mountain.


Kurama Onsen on a rainy day
Source: Japan Travel
Kurama onsen offers two kind of bath: indoor and outdoor and please note that Kurama Onsen do not accept guests with tattoos or with food allergies. The indoor bath zone has a small sauna room and three hot pools. One of them named Jacuzzi is filled with bubbles. These pools have different temperatures that can satisfy various needs. Outdoor bath is a popular choice for those who want to experience wild bathing. This zone has only two pools but can give you the unique emotion. The pools are surrounded by very tall cedar trees. When you think of nothing and immerse yourself to the warm water of the pool, all that you can feel is a birdsong, a breeze or the sounds of trees. 
Party room
Source: Kurama Onsen
The day trip course is advised for someone who will not stay longer with full use of all facilities including indoor and outdoor bath. You can be provided with face towel, bath towel and yukata and can use the lounge on the second floor, with TV and cotton blankets. Another course is open-air bath only in which you can get shower, soap, shampoo and hair dryer but have to rent towel. 
If you feel hungry after hours of bathing, you can visit dining area and check out an English menu upon request to get some delicious food. In Kurama Onsen, party reservation is available with various sets such as Hana with Kamagohan mixed chicken and mountain vegetables, grilled fish, sashimi and soup or Yuki with Kamagohan, grilled fish, sashimi, tempura and soup,..and can last up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Mouth of the spring stained white by the sulphur
Source: Kurama Onsen
On Kurama Onsen, the mouth of the spring is stained white by the sulphur. The water is constantly gushing from the mountain on the east side, about 7 meters underground. According to the Kyoto City Health and Hygiene Research Center, Kurama sulphur hot springs have been certified to contain natural minerals that provide health benefits. It is really good for backaches, beautifying skin and even high blood pressure, nerve problems and even diabetes.
Open time: 
Open time: from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. The outdoor bath closes at 8:00 pm during winter.
Meal orders: from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, subject can change depending on availability of supplies.
No closing day

Day trip course: 

-Adults: 2500 yen

-Children (4-12 years old): 1600 yen

Open-air course:

-Adults: 1000 yen

-Children (4-12 years old):  700 yen

-Bath towel rent: 400 yen

-Face towel purchase: 200 yen

-Locker: 100-yen coin

How to access: 
From Demachiyanagi station: Take the Eizan Dentetsu train towards Kurama and get off at the final stop .
From Keihan Yodoyabashi station: Take the Keihan line to Demachiyanagi, change to the Eizan Dentetsu train towards Kurama and get off at the final stop .
From JR Kyoto station
-Take the JR Nara line one stop to Tofukuji station, and change to the Keihan line towards Demachiyanagi. At Demachiyanagi station, change to the Eizan Dentetsu train towards Kurama and get off at the final stop.
-Take Kyoto Bus No. 17 to Demachiyanagi-ekimae, or City Bus No. 17 to Demachiyanagi-ekimae. Then take the Eizan Dentetsu train from Demachiyanagi station towards Kurama and get off at the final stop.
There is a free shuttle bus from Kurama station to Kurama Onsen, but you can take a 12 minute walk to the Onsen.